Driving Warhol tribute month in Croydon this September


I know we may seem biased, being a business that’s been a driving force in Croydon for over 45 years, but Croydon rocks our world! 


And we just love the regeneration and development that our town has seen over recent months and years. From Boxpark to the East Croydon station improvements, the upgrades are putting Croydon firmly on the map as the place to be in 2017 and beyond.


What’s coming up in September continues the trend and us arty types at minicab.com are very excited about it.


September is Andy Warhol month as the award-winning RISEgallery hosts a whole range of free events to celebrate the esteemed artist.


A significant number of people are expected to flock to the area to take in the programme of free events which aim to pay tribute to one of the most recognised artists of the 20th century, 30 years after his death – the only event in the UK that’s marking the anniversary. 


One of the highlights is that you’ll be able to take in the pop art sensations with your very own eyes, up close and personal. Original Warhol works will form part of the exhibition at RISEgallery, which will be open every day in September till 6pm and till 8pm on Thursday.


It’s not just about the events at the gallery itself, but the whole of central Croydon will be caught up in the fever too. You’ll be able to take in screenings of films and documentaries, and attend presentations and lectures that will delve into the life of this complex character and his influence on the pop art movement. It’s a family affair too, with child-friendly events that we’re sure will spur on the younger generation to become inspired by Warhol too.


We can’t wait for the unique street exhibition of giant artworks curated by RISEgallery and the artist Dotmasters to be unveiled, all of which will feature tributes to Andy Warhol by a selection of the leading artists today. Guided tours will run twice a day.


The countdown begins… 


And we promise we’ll be right there in the thick of it, delivering all those visitors to these fab events throughout the month – after all, we’re the minicab firm with a modern (he)art.


To see the full programme of events click here.