Oh sh-ugar, it’s Christmas…

The traditional British Christmas. You’re either one of two people – you can’t get enough of the cheesy Crimbo tunes and eating turkey or you just want to get the month of December over and get back to reality. Love it or hate it it’s back again and here’s a rundown of what we love and what we hate about the most wonderful time of the year.

  • Food – It always comes back to this really. A full-on, no holds barred, decadent Christmas roast with various different cooked animals is the absolute highlight. Turkey, ham, stuffing and the piece de resistance PIGS IN BLANKETS. You really can’t beat a good old Christmas feed-up. If you’re not in physical pain after through the amount you’ve eaten you’ve not done it right.
  • Drink – It seems like December is one massive excuse to go for a drink. Work do’s, seeing family and friends. December is the time to catch up with people for a festive beer so head down to the pub to meet your pals for a few jars.
  • Spending time with your family. Christmas is the time to come together with your family that you maybe haven’t seen in a while. Share gifts, share laughs, share memories. Although, let’s put a time limit on it.
  • That period in between Christmas and New Year where no-one knows what day it is – this is probably one of the most relaxing times of the year – enjoy it.

Christmas is not without it’s drawbacks – sometimes it can get a little tiresome.

  • Rubbish Christmas songs/films – just stick on the radio and you’re guaranteed to be listening to a Christmas ‘classic’ that has now been played for the 9th time today! Flick on the TV and there’s that Christmas film where someone discovers the ‘real meaning of Christmas’. Yawn.
  • Spending way too much time with your family – by Boxing Day you now realise why you only meet up with these people once a year!
  • Novelty gifts – At no point did I ever want to play mini-golf while I was on the toilet, but now I can – thanks Mum!
  • Feeling like some sort of weird human/hippopotamus hybrid after eating and drinking and obscene amount.

Ok, we’re not really scrooges. It only comes once a year so we might as well enjoy it. Another year has come by and we at minicab.com say bring on the festivities and enjoy the period responsibly! Remember to book your taxi with www.minicab.com throughout the festive period!

Don’t miss the RISEfestival of urban art hitting the streets of Croydon this September.

The RISEgallery has become a firm favourite in Croydon for those seeking some cultural inspiration – and this September once again promises to be a month that delivers exceptional inspiration with the fantastic “RISEfestival”. This urban art event will be taking over the streets of Croydon until 15th September with a whole host of events to tickle your artistic taste buds.


Celebrating the globally recognised movement that is urban art, the gallery is delighted to support and showcase the numerous talents of the international artists who have earned an enviable reputation in their field. They’re the artists known for pushing boundaries by showing exceptional creativity with the range of visual styles and techniques used in this increasingly popular art form. The urban art movement has made art accessible to all – gone are the constraints of art galleries and museums. With urban art on display 24 hours a day on the city streets depicting a contemporary style that reflects a community, urban art is growing in popularity, and the murals and graffiti we see all over the streets of Croydon places our community right at the heart of this growing visual art form.


RISEfestival is on all this week and there are a number of events you can join in with to ensure you’re part of it. Many of the events are free to attend but they are ticketed, so don’t forget to register your attendance. Click here to register your email address or take a look at the individual events and reserve your place.


Events include workshops similar to those we saw during Warhol month in September 2017. You’ll be able to choose from Calligraphy workshops hosted by Lebanese artists, Stencil art workshops and Graffiti workshops. Be sure to join in one of the walking tours running this week where you’ll see and learn all about the 60 new murals being painted in Croydon during the festival. It’s also super exciting that some of the guided tours will be taking place as the artists are working their magic, so you may even get to meet a few of them too and see them creating their masterpieces in real time! There are film viewings and an evening of talks with Artists, Curators and other super interesting folks, including Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, Owner and Founder of RISEgallery.


And if you visit the RISEgallery Facebook page you can see some of those fab new pieces coming to life. The gorgeous work by Ghaleb Hawila is already a favourite of ours!

Driving Warhol tribute month in Croydon this September

I know we may seem biased, being a business that’s been a driving force in Croydon for over 45 years, but Croydon rocks our world! 


And we just love the regeneration and development that our town has seen over recent months and years. From Boxpark to the East Croydon station improvements, the upgrades are putting Croydon firmly on the map as the place to be in 2017 and beyond.


What’s coming up in September continues the trend and us arty types at minicab.com are very excited about it.


September is Andy Warhol month as the award-winning RISEgallery hosts a whole range of free events to celebrate the esteemed artist.


A significant number of people are expected to flock to the area to take in the programme of free events which aim to pay tribute to one of the most recognised artists of the 20th century, 30 years after his death – the only event in the UK that’s marking the anniversary. 


One of the highlights is that you’ll be able to take in the pop art sensations with your very own eyes, up close and personal. Original Warhol works will form part of the exhibition at RISEgallery, which will be open every day in September till 6pm and till 8pm on Thursday.


It’s not just about the events at the gallery itself, but the whole of central Croydon will be caught up in the fever too. You’ll be able to take in screenings of films and documentaries, and attend presentations and lectures that will delve into the life of this complex character and his influence on the pop art movement. It’s a family affair too, with child-friendly events that we’re sure will spur on the younger generation to become inspired by Warhol too.


We can’t wait for the unique street exhibition of giant artworks curated by RISEgallery and the artist Dotmasters to be unveiled, all of which will feature tributes to Andy Warhol by a selection of the leading artists today. Guided tours will run twice a day.


The countdown begins… 


And we promise we’ll be right there in the thick of it, delivering all those visitors to these fab events throughout the month – after all, we’re the minicab firm with a modern (he)art.


To see the full programme of events click here.

Airport transfers with minicab.com. It’s booking brilliance!

I love that feeling.  

When the holiday you’ve been looking forward to for months is almost here. You’ve got your foreign currency, the swimmers have been resurrected from the depths of the wardrobe and the exercise in working out what to pack for every possible eventuality has begun.


But how will you get to the airport? We’re all familiar with the options – you could lug your case to the train station, park your own car at airport parking or book yourself an airport transfer by minicab.


We may be a little biased but we believe it’s airport transfer all the way! 




There are just so many reasons! 


Booking your airport transfer with minicab.com quite simply makes your life easier – for both getting to the airport and travelling home again.


Leave the driving to us. We guarantee you’ll get a smooth, reliable service every time. There’s no lugging all your suitcases to train stations or on shuttle services from airport parking to the airport terminal – who wants to be doing that at 5am?!


With minicab.com you get door to door service from our friendly drivers who are all fully insured with high level DBS checks. We want to help make the journey to and from the airport a stress free, enjoyable part of your holiday, which is why we offer those little extras such as free child car seats as standard. We can recommend booking times that cover the right amount of time you’ll need to get to the airport, ensuring you’re there with plenty of time to spare for all your duty free shopping! 


You’ll also get advice on what sized vehicle you’ll need to get you and your belongings to the airport (believe me, this doesn’t always happen… one of our clients recently told us they’d not been asked by another minicab firm how many bags they’d have, and they ended up with all their cabin baggage suitcases on their laps to fit everything in…!)


You can book your service in so many different ways – give us a call on 020 8681 3535, download our app onto your iphone or Android device or head to our website and book online.


When it comes to the return leg at the end of your holiday (booooo!) we’ll have checked your arrival time from your flight number so you’re picked up in real time. You’ll be met as you leave the customs hall by your driver who’ll have a sign with your name on it so there’s no confusion. What you see is what you get with our airport rates, all of which come with 30 minutes of waiting time included so you won’t get any surprises with additional charges (aside from the necessary parking charges of course).


It really is a no-brainer. 


Booking your airport transfer with minicab.com is plane brilliant!